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The resource bank on this page contains useful material for teachers on the issues around creative teaching and creative learning.

Covering work by Teresa Cremin, Edward de Bono and others the documents will provide powerful support as you think about these issues in day to day planning and teaching.  

External Links

The Creative Teacher/Learner

Essential understandings for the

effective creative teacher.

That learning is essentially child centred

That learning is facilitated by the informed assistance of the teacher.

That learning takes place in a social setting with language as the medium of learning.

That learners construct their own meaning and this process will define the nature of the teacher's intervention.

That teaching is essentially a creative act.

That learning is essentially a creative process.

Food for Thought

for the creative teacher/learner 

Critical pedagogy schools must equip students to challenge the status quo!

This is a link to an article by Tait Coles giving a critique of the current trend towards 'cultural capital' and the methods of E.D. Hirsch Jnr.

What is critical thinking?

"Critical thinking is the process of analyzing and assessing thinking with a view to improving it. Critical thinking presupposes knowledge of the most basic structures in thinking (the elements of thought) and the most basic intellectual standards for thinking (universal intellectual standards). The key to the creative side of critical thinking (the actual improving of thought) is in restructuring thinking as a result of analyzing and effectively assessing it."

Linda Elder and Richard Paul

Key sources of information 

on creativity and critical thinking

Creativity, Critical Thinking

and Pedagogy


A 'Thinking Skills' presentation, this could

be good to start your thinking.

Useful documents

Creativity, Critical Thinking and Pedagogy

Starting Points for CreativeLearning and Teaching

Click this link to the Primary Creativity Page for free teaching materials to download.

'The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity.'

Carl Jung 

Resource Bank

Critical Thinking -

A Guide for Educators, Richard Paul

Activating Children's Thinking

Skills (ACTS) - Carol McGuinness's ground breaking work in the late 1990s

The Critical Importance of Questions

Dialogic talk in the classroom

Serious Creativity

Edward de Bono

Creative Teachers and Creative Teaching

Teresa Cremin

Creative Teachers for Creative Learners Literature Review by Dan Davies

I Made a Unicorn

Creativity in the early years of school

Robin Alexander's website

Tools for Thinking

Robert Fisher (this is a MUST READ)

Thinking to Learn

Robert Fisher

Creative Approaches that Raise Standards


What do we mean by creativity? What is the link between creativity and critical thinking? How can creativity and critical thinking be incorporated into classroom practice and what are the benefits for students?

Ready to use activities for teaching geography. Many of these activities promote a thinking approach to learning, getting the lesson off to a goof thinking start or concluding a lesson in that way - On-line support available. 

Global learning and sustainable development encompass some of the key ideas and challenges facing the world today: challenges such as climate change, globalization and interdependence. 

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