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LogoVisual Thinking - LVT

as a stimulus for creative learning

see below for free downloadable classroom materials

LogoVisual Thinking...

  • is a powerful thinking medium
  • triggers creative learning
  • supports collaborative learning
  • promotes quality talk
  • provides cognitive challenge
  • contributes to the development of life-long learning skills

Starting Point

'LVT in a Nutshell'

describes the starting point for the introduction of the approach in a primary setting.

Communication, Collaboration, Synergy, Metalearning

Planning, delivery, value and impact

Developing the use of LVT in a school

Resources and information..

  • Process Map shows how the approach was introduced
  • Session Plans show how LVT can be fitted into a teaching sequence
  • Take this link to see how LogoVisual Thinking contributes to the creative curriculum. 

"It emerged that teachers were keen to try this in the classroom - even at that early stage they could see the relevance of LVT to their teaching."

Follow the link on the magazine cover to the article 'Linking Thinking' in Creative Teaching and Learning (vol 4.3).

CPD Features of the projects included: peer support * professional dialogue * the use of high leverage strategies * initial support and coaching followed by transfer of control * learning to learn from the observation of others * ambitious goals in terms of the aspirations for the pupils.

Materials used in primary projects

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