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The QTS Comprehension Page

What's this section about?

Vocabulary in context.

This part of the test is about your understanding of vocabulary.

Shades of meaning.

You will need to assess and understand the shades of meaning that can exist between words.

Ideas and concepts in context.

Understanding complex written material and your ability to assimilate the information.

How opinions are expressed.

You will need to appreciate that in the passage there will probably be more than one opinion expressed and you need to be able to differentiate between them.

Interpreting statistics

and other factual information.

Educational jargon.

The passages are about educational issues and they demonstrate the kind of material that teachers are expected to be able to handle on a daily basis. 

The accurate location of information.

You need to locate, evaluate and show your detailed understanding of the information in the text.

Literal comprehension.

What is on the page? How do the ideas and concepts relate to each other? What are the explicit issues in this writing?

Inferential comprehension.

Reading between the lines, how good are you at 'reading between the lines'? What is being implied by the passage, or a section of the passage?

Download this document to help with tasks of this kind: Explicit and Implicit

It's all about knowing the difference between Inferential and Literal comprehension ... what is written and what is being suggested ...

Comprehension downloads

Try this exercises first:

Children Growing up too quickly

Based on an article that describes the findings of the Bailey Review.

Then have a go at these


Moving English Forward

Physical Education for All

... and then ... if you are feeling brave:

The Comprehension Supplement

Fourteen comprehensions to practice with guidance and answers.

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