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"But I'm rubbish at spelling!"

Look carefully at words that you regularly get wrong - and break them down into bits - this will help you to see how the part of the word that you got wrong works - it will also provide you with a mnemonic to help you to remember the word in the future.

Do you always hear this word correctly? Sometimes people miss out or mispronounce syllables (e.g. Febuary instead of February)

It is essential to note and practise words or particular letter sequences within words that cause you problems - little and often is the rule. A lot of being able to spell is using your visual memory.

Download the spelling practice lists from the download section below and see how well you do.

Many people are finding that the spelling section throws words at them that they have not previously come across and this puts them at an immediate disadvantage.

The words used, including the awkward ones, are those which it is expected that a teacher will become familiar with in training - they are frequently words of an educational nature. 

Four Very Useful Links

Miss Spell's Class

App for iPhone/iPad etc.

Spelling Rules and Tips

from the Oxford Dictionaries 'Language Matters' site.


Sets of spellings for QTS including awkward words - hear the words spoken.

This link takes you to Joanne Rudling's wonderfully helpful site Howtospell for people working on the QTS test.

The link below takes you to Joanne's video lessons tackling the problems that some people have with spelling.

Start with Difficult Words and then navigate to the others.

There is a variety of ways to learn spellings and one of these is the


method - see if it works for you.

Spelling Lists - these are useful to practise and become familiar with. There are 11 lists in the side-bar that can be used for daily practice.

Support for spelling is here

Follow the Howtospell link to visit Joanne Rudling's home page and resources or click on picture to purchase.

The new Spelling Supplement

Awkward words, professional words, -able and -ible words, double consonants ... get the new Spelling Supplement. 

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