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Looking at learning & teaching creatively

Thank you for calling by. I am Steve Padget, an independent writer, teacher, teacher trainer and consultant based in the northwest of the UK. 

For years now I have had the privilege of working with learners of all ages in all kinds of settings. This experience has served to confirm my belief in the power of language in learning and the ways in which creative classroom approaches support this.

The Power of Language

Language is learning. It is not only how we express our learning, but it is language that enables us to construct that learning. Creative learning approaches are those that recognise and harness the power of language. 

Creativity and Critical Thinking

Having spent over thirty years as a secondary English teacher and over ten years working with trainee teachers my interests continue to widen. I now write on issues to do with creativity and critical thinking and how an understanding of these two interrelated concepts impacts upon the practice in a modern classroom.

The Constructivist Classroom

When learners use language in a social setting they are constructing their own meaning and benefiting from the synergy that can come from the shared experience. 

There are links in this site to a variety of methodologies that promote the effective and powerful use of collaborative and cooperative learning.

Recent Clients

Keynote Education

Lighthouse Professional Development

Archbishop Blanch High School, Liverpool

Alsop High School, Liverpool

Holly Lodge High School, Liverpool

Warrington LA

Merseyside and Cheshire Graduate Teacher Programme

Merseyside, Cheshire and Greater Manchester Teacher Training Consortium

Sir Thomas Boteler High School, Warrington

Cardinal Newman High School, Warrington

The Hanson School, Bradford

Plymouth College

North Liverpool Academy, Liverpool

Matthew Moss High School, Rochdale

Winstanley Sixth Form College, Wigan

Childwall Sports College, Liverpool

St. Mary's Primary School, Lowton

Burnley and Pendle LA

East Cleveland EAZ

North Tyneside LA

Liverpool Hope University

English Martyrs Primary School, Litherland

St. Michael in the Hamlet Primary School, Liverpool

St. Francis Xavier's College, Liverpool

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust

Fort Pitt Grammar School, Chatham

South Liverpool Learning Network

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." John Dewey

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