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LVT in your school - Hands-On Thinking and Learning

Hands-On Thinking and Learning is a half day thinking workshop for schools and departments to explore in depth how the power of LVT can be used in the school to enhance creative learning and teaching. For further details see the flier and the introductory letter.

Current Projects - Visible Thinking ... 

For Schools

I am currently looking for departments in schools that would like to use LVT in the classroom. This will enable teachers to see how well LVT can be integrated into their current programmes of study and how powerful the method is in promoting deep thinking and and learning.

The information gained will be helpful in my compilation of a compendium of LVT applications to be published for the benefit of schools.

If you are passing by and would like to become involved in this project, please get in touch through the contact page.

More information:

On LVT in general - LogoVisual website.

On LVT in the Primary Setting - Primary Creativity Page

Joined up Thinking

Here is a scan of a recent article from the magazine 'TeachPrimary' which describes one way that LogoVisual Thinking (LVT) can be incorporated into the delivery of a creative curriculum in KS2.

This work is ongoing and there will be further reports in the autumn.

For Home Ed groups

LVT works very well in the home-school setting. Children of all ages can access the technique and make meaning together in ways that often surprise them

To find out how your group can get involved in this project follow this link or email via the Contact Me button on the left of the page. 

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